Welcome to Spell Kingdom

Spell Kingdom is a play-to-earn game of fantasy metaverse
Welcome to the new meta-universe to earn money based on the best fantasy books.
Huge territories surrounded by a magical Veil have turned into a gigantic playing field. The Lord of Darkness, buried under the Gray Stone, advances his only black figure - and all the armies of the world begin to move, taken by surprise by the gatherer of evil.
The good brothers in white cloaks and the predators of Fettah the Beastmaster, the men at arms of Royngard the Iron Hand and the cold winds of the Witches of the North, the city militias and the baronial squads - they all become chess pieces on a round board inside the Veil. None of the players know how the game will end. The universe of Spell Kingdom meets you, wanderer, whether you can become the best embodiment of humanity or become an adherent of evil, from now on it only depends on you